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Discussing gang redirection strategies with community leaders from Fort Gratiot, Michigan
Sugar Ray Robinson told me the above about 25 years ago, when I approached him about starting a school for gang youth. He challenged me to find a "how" and stop talking about "if." I have carried his admonition into every endeavor, and it has yet to fail me.

As a speaker, consultant and in my workshops, I share strategies, stories and insights from 30 years successful and positive experience with gang involved, troubled and at-risk youth. I share the "how."

Gang involvement does not result from a lack of information or awareness: Teenagers drawn to gangs know where it will take them. But if gangs are the only avenue they can find for a sense of success, self-esteem and belonging, then they will join them in spite of all our warnings. And once set, a teenagers sense of identity is not something they can be talked, scared, or scolded out of. So how do we--schools, parents, police, courts--create the necessary conditions for positive change?

In workshops or speaking engagements, I offer insight into the process and psychology of gang involvement. The strategies that teachers, parents, social workers and probation officers can use to redirect the development of  gang involved and at-risk children.  My training strives to help you respond effectively, and creatively, to the needs of vulnerable and gang involved youth.

"You must always ask how, never "if". "If" gives you an excuse for failure. There is always a "How" if you insist on finding it.
Sugar Ray Robinson
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Role playing during a workshop for future teachers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison